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Here is the list of sports betting and casino services that I recommend. I have made sure to cover the 4 main strategies in sports betting which are :

- The value betting, itself divided into two categories: We can make a difference between the value bets detected thanks to our knowledge of the different sports and leagues and the value bets resulting from a market error.

- The matched betting proposed by my care in particular in French version which makes it possible to generate a gain without risk.

- The sure bet, middle, polish middle which also allow to generate a gain without risk.

- Trading in sports betting carried out on betting exchange platforms.


As well as matched betting in online casinos. 

I recommend 5 services.        

You just have to click on the banners to register. 

Trademate sports


This service is focused on value bets. It takes advantage of errors in the market. Available at 30€ per month for Scandinavians who can only bet on their national bookmakers, 49€ per month for Americans who are in the same situation and between 120€ and 200€ depending on the version for people who would like to have value bets on more than 70 bookmakers. 

Breaking bet


This service is less expensive and has the advantage of offering surebets in addition to the value bet. On the other hand, it covers a little less bookmakers but the basic price is only 11.99€ per month.



Very good service offering surebets, middle and polish middle, so the gains are assured. The price is 155€ but it will be largely covered if you make enough volume.

Geeks toy

geeks toy.png

Solution at 20€ for 3 months, specialized in betting exchange, which allows to place trades with greater speed. This allows you to make back and lay at the best price. Essential for professional traders.



This link redirects to a very interesting site. It enables automated trading on betfair, which means that you can create trading strategies in advance and the software executes them without you having to stay behind your computer. Ideal when you're doing volume. Only €49 per year a must have. 

Apart from carreidas sports betting, this is the best in sports betting and online casino. With what I offer, and what these sites offer you are sure to make a profit in the long run.  

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