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 Why register with a sports betting broker ?

Sports betting brokers are still relatively unknown entities and as a result few players currently use them. What is the reality? Is it really interesting to register with one of them? What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks? Let's present these sports betting agents in this guide in order to give both recreational and professional bettors an accurate answer on the subject.   

 What is a broker ?

A broker is an intermediary between players and sportsbooks. They take care of creating accounts for the players on all the bookies in their portfolio. They are serious entities that are remunerated either by the commissions they receive from their partner bookies or by charging fees on the deposits and withdrawals made by their clients. Their methods of remuneration make them no scam establishments and offer a number of benefits for those wishing to maximise their results in sports betting. Serious brokers are listed and rated in detail on this site, so scams will be ruled out. To find out about them, please go to the brokers tab. Let us now present the advantages you can benefit from by registering with them.    

 Sports betting brokers : Benefits.

Benefits of using sports betting brokers are numerous and worth considering for both professional and recreational bettors. 

- The first benefit is the possibility of having access to the best bookies in the world for players who would not be able to register on their own because of the legislation in their country of residence. By registering with the leading bookies such as Pinnacle for example, which remains one of the most popular sportsbooks for professional bettors, you will be able to benefit from better odds and consequently improve your results in sports betting. If you don't find the market you are interested in when taking your bets, you will also have the possibility to register on other bookies available in your broker's portfolio. I am thinking of 18bet for example which is often offered and which offers a very large choice of exotic bets. The choice of bookies offered on each broker is taken into account and weighted in my rating. To read my opinion on the different brokers click here. To read my opinion on the different sportsbooks in its individuality click here.

- Secondly, most brokers offer an all-in-one tool that allows you to place bets by comparing at a glance the odds offered by all the sportsbooks in their portfolio. This saves time, which is particularly important for arbing players. 


- The third key point is related to the second : By registering with a broker that already works with all these sportsbooks, it will now be possible to transfer funds with increased speed between the different bookies you have chosen. If you want to open a new account with another bookie, you will not have to check your address and enter any additional data. It usually takes about a day to transfer funds with a serious broker.

- The fourth point is interesting for winning players : It will be available to you to bet larger amounts using a broker. Having access to several bookies through the same entity allows you to spread your bets over several establishments, thus breaking the limits imposed by one sportsbook. A skype betting mode is usually offered for this purpose.


- Another benefit for winning players is that, unlike sportsbooks, winning in sports betting does not affect the profitability of the broker in question. Therefore, withdrawals will be easier and you will not be restricted after winning a certain amount.      

- Last but not least, betting exchange platforms (noted here) are increasingly in demand by players, with the best-known platform being Betfair for commissions that generally reach 5% ( depending on the country). Using a broker allows at least the access to this type of platform for people who cannot register by creating an account directly because of the legislation in force in their country of residence. It will also be possible to play with commissions of less than 5% which is very important for bettors who want to be profitable in the long run. This criterion is taken into account in my rating.

These are the benefits of registering with a broker. There are also a few drawbacks, which in my opinion are not very numerous. It is worth mentioning them, however.

 Sports betting brokers : Drawbacks.

As explained above, registering with brokers involves some fees that ensure the continuity of the service. They apply to deposits and withdrawals and differ between institutions. This criterion is present in my rating and is clearly highlighted on the brokers tab. 

Another point worth noting is that a turnover is required before you can withdraw your money free of charge. This also differs from one establishment to another. For example, a turnover of 10* the deposit means that you will have to play 10*100=1000€ for a deposit of 100€ before being able to withdraw your money without fees. This criterion is present in my rating and is called "withdrawal convenience".


The last important point is security. By placing your money in the hands of another actor you add a risk. All brokers that are considered to be serious are listed on the brokers tab with a security rating that weights the general rating. 


In my opinion, a broker is extremely interesting for any serious player or any player trying to maximise his profitability in the long run. By registering with one of the brokers rated on my site, you will have access to better odds without being limited on betting, you will have access to the best establishments whether they are classic bookmakers or betting exchange platforms and you will have an all-in-one tool allowing you to place bets faster and to make fund transfers between different bookies. A customer service will be available to assist you. This is noted on the brokers tab through the "customer support" rating which weights the general rating.

Benefits significantly outweigh drawabcks if you play regularly, as turnover will no longer be a problem, which will significantly limit the fees.

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