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Access to foreign bookmakers

If you want to benefit from the best odds at all times, it is essential to have access to the best bookmakers. To do so, you must go through a broker sometimes. There are several of them, the two best ones being Premium tradings and Asianconnect. The most interesting bookmakers that you should look for are Pinnacle (the most highly rated bookmaker with very good odds available on Premium tradings and Asianconnect), 18 bet or babi bet (two very generalist bookmakers that offer many markets with interesting odds also available on premium tradings), sbobet (available on asian connect, a little less interesting at the moment than 18 bet but which offers good odds on uncertain events), maxbet (available on premium tradings which offer markets that cannot be obtained elsewhere). You also need a betting exchange platform and in this case you have the choice of either Fairexchange (4% commission) available on Premium tradings or orbitx (3% commission) available on Asian connect.


My first choice and the one I use is premium tradings but the deposit and withdrawal fees are higher and the betting limits are higher. At Asian connect you can withdraw and deposit more easily and free of charge but unlike premium tradings you cannot use a bank account but an e-wallet.


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Download the presentation of this broker below.

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