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Paris sportifs Carreidas
Elegance and excellence.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,


Welcome to Paris sportifs carreidas, Michel Jussiau's official website for sports bettors and casino players as well as for people who are passionate about fashion, luxury, network marketing and much more.. 

I am Michel Jussiau, director/founder of this site, and recognized in the intellectual world with 5915 world titles at Peak, the n°1 application to assess intelligence. I am in charge of the entire content of this site, ensuring you reliable informations and quality products.

On this site you will find the best training applications on sports betting, casino games, men's fashion, women's fashion and sharks. You can see the complete presentation of each of them on the application tab.  

Two complementary services related to fashion (male and female) are also offered. These innovative services, available nowhere else, are designed to build a wardrobe according to your budget, adapted to your desires and focused on results. These services are recommended for anyone who would like to improve their dressing style without making any effort. You can subscribe on the product page.

For players, a detailed rating section of all the online casinos, sports betting brokers and establishments that allow you to deposit money on these platforms considered serious and partners of Paris sportifs carreidas is offered. You will also find guides to help you as a player, presenting the benefits and drawbacks of signing up with a broker, betting exchange platforms, an introduction to the most popular casino games and all the strategies that make it possible to win in sports betting or in online casinos.  

Paris sportifs carreidas also offers a personalised service that is not available elsewhere, which means that you can contact me or subscribe to the mailing list at the bottom of the page so that I can suggest the establishments that best suit your profile and your preferences. If you do not wish to receive personalised help you can also create an account on the establishments you have chosen by clicking on the register button below each evaluation. This will automatically direct you to the right entity more quickly.


Enjoy your visit,


Michel Jussiau

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